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Ministry for Students

If you are studying at Keele or North Staffs, being a student is both exciting and daunting. As a church we want to be able to provide support, encouragement, care and counsel during your years as a student. We encourage students to be actively involved in the Christian Union and a local church.

Lunches and One-to-Ones

At the beginning of the autumn term, we host a Student Welcome after the morning service. We serve refreshments and this is an opportunity for you to get together with other students and to meet church members.

We can arrange for you to have lunch with people in the church on a Sunday.

Associate Membership

We offer associate membership to any Christian students who are members of their home church, but who would like to be more actively involved in serving at Hartshill Bible Church during their time as a student.


We can arrange transport for you to and from Hartshill Bible Church especially in the early weeks of the autumn term when you are finding your way around.

For more details, please contact pastor@hbcstoke.org.uk